What Is Octane And Racing Fuel

Going to the gas pump as an everyday driver just seems like a normal chore, but for drivers that demand a lot of speed out of their vehicle, it is a way of life. For most people, they do not think very much about the gasoline that they are putting in their car. However, if you are putting in high-quality gasoline in a car that is designed to take regular octane gasoline, you may just be throwing money down the drain. There is a lot of engineering and technology that goes into the gasoline that you and the drivers on the speedways use every day. Here are a few things that you should know about gasoline.

Crude Oil

One of the first things that you should know about the gasoline that you put in your car and the gasoline that race car drivers use is that it is derived from crude oil There is a lot of brain power and technology that goes into even finding an oil reservoir. Geologists, engineers, and many other professionals have to find the oil, and then figure out a way to get it out of the ground. These professionals are providing the fuel that is powering nations, and your car to go down the road. 


When you pull up to the pump you will have a choice to make, should you put in a lower or higher octane fuel. Well, most people will find that the lower octane fuel is cheaper and will go for this type of gas. However, it is important to know what octane even represents when it comes to your gasoline. Simply put the octane rating is how a fuel will resist detonation under specific pressures and heat. So, high octane fuels are designed to ignite under the pressure and temperature of the piston instead of the spark plug. The vehicle manufacturer will make an octane recommendation based on ignition and timing. So, if you put a higher octane gasoline in your car than it is rated for, then you are simply not going to get the speed a different engine would be able to harness out of that gasoline. 

Racing Fuel

If you are going to be racing, then you will need to have a racing fuel that is designed specifically for racing. The ignition timing and compression ratios will be designed for a specific octane fuel that can harness the full potential of the high octane fuel. 

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