2 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Open

If your garage door refuses to open correctly, you may wonder what could be causing the problem. If so, look for one of the following issues that could explain why your garage door will not open correctly.

Tracks Are Bent or Blocked

One problem that could be keeping your garage door from opening could lie with the tracks. If they have become bent or have any type of blockage, the door's rollers will not be able to roll past the damaged or blocked area.

To see if the tracks are causing the issue, walk along the tracks while shining a flashlight inside of them to fully illuminate the area. If you find a clump of dirt blocking a track, clear it out.

However, if you find that the edges are bent in, you could use a pair of pliers to try to straighten them. However, you risk making the bends worse or breaking the metal. Instead, you may want to have a professional look at it to determine whether it can be straightened or should be replaced.

Door Brace Is Detached

Another problem that could be keeping your garage door closed is the center door brace. If one of the bolts has come loose or popped out, the brace may have become detached and is catching each time you try to open the door.

To check the brace, stand on the inside of the door as close to it as possible while facing the center brace. While looking at it, try opening the door. If you see the brace jump away from the door, it has become detached.

If you see that the door's brace is detached, closely examine each bolt to see if you find one that is either loose or lost. If the brace or door is still straight and intact, you can try replacing or tightening the bolt.

However, if the brace or door has bent or sustained any other type of damage, one or both may need to be replaced. A garage door service representative should be able to tell you which action should be taken.

If you find any of the above problems or still do not know what is keeping your garage door from opening correctly, you may want to have a professional take a look at it. Contact a company that specializes in garage door repairs to have them send someone to inspect your door so they can take the necessary action to fix your garage door so you can open and close it without difficulty. For more information, contact companies like J & R Garage Door Company Inc.