Setting Up Dash Cams to Protect Your Accident Argument

Whether you're involved in an accident that doesn't have a clear cause or the victim of fraud on the road, a dash cam can come in handy. These cameras can record much better quality and at much higher storage sizes than in previous years, but you need to know what features are required, worth your time, or just silly. Here are a few dash cam concerns to defend your side of the story with hard facts instead of word of mouth.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Dash cams are mounted in an area that gives them wide view of their target area. A good dash cam has a widescreen or panoramic field of view that should cover the windshield and slightly to the sides of the car. 

Ideally, you'll mount the dash cam on a stable attachment that can rest in the center of the dashboard. Other areas can be used for mounting as well, but you need to test the video to see what kind of view you have from different angles. A single dash cam can handle the front of the car, but to cover the majority of accidents that can be blamed on you, cover the front and back.

Storage & Power Options

Modern dash cameras operate with internal storage, along with a way to insert a USB (Universal Serial Bus) device or SD (Secure Digital) card to save data onto something you can give to others without removing the dash cam.

The internal storage can be different based on how much money you invest, but it's not uncommon to have several hundred gigabytes or even 1 terabyte (one thousand terabytes) of storage to keep many hours of high definition recordings.

Power usually comes from a power inverter connected to the car, but external power sources are available as well. Look for battery packs designed to connect with your dash cam's power connection, or a battery pack specifically sold with your brand of choice.

Installation & Calibration

Ask a car and truck services professional for a proper installation. If the shop doesn't handle vehicle accessories, they likely know a trustworthy professional who can handle the job.

The important part about hiring a professional is making sure that the dash cam doesn't become an easily-dislodged projectile in an accident. Even sudden stops can knock over some amateur-installed cameras, so make sure the team you choose can handle installing a dash cam mount.

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