How To Repair Paint Chips

Many people are skeptical about working on their car because they have no experience with auto bodies. But, auto body work is usually easier than you expect, especially if you're just dealing with small paint chips. Small paint chips can often be repaired with just a little bit of touch-up paint and auto body sandpaper. In most cases, you don't need to use body filler. you want to be cautious so you don't to do anything that could reduce the value of your car. This article shows you that auto body repair can be quite simple if you use the right supplies and techniques.

Touching Up the Paint

If you get auto touch-up paint from an auto repair shop, you can usually fix small paint chips on your own. These convenient touch-up paints can be applied with the brush that is attach to the lid. The actual "painting" is more like applying fingernail polish. You want to spread the paint on very thinly and apply multiple coats, rather than trying to apply a single thick coat. Wait for the paint to dry completely between each coat. Several thin coats will also leave behind a smoother finish that will match better with the existing car body.

The difficulty of your repair job depends on a few factors. Most importantly, you need to check to see if there is rust forming inside the actual paint chip. Rusty paint chips can be a sign of decay, and you will probably need to do some more serious sanding to remove the rust spot before you can paint over it.

Do You Need Auto Body Filler?

You don't need auto body filler for the majority of your paint chips. Some people think they need to use auto body filler for such small chips, but it is not necessary. Auto body filler is really only necessary if there is an actual hole or deep dent in your car body. For instance, a hole in your bumper can be easily repaired with auto body filler, and then painted over with touch-up paint. But, auto body repair usually works best if you only use body filler when completely necessary.

As you can see, it is surprisingly simple to repair paint chips. If you can learn how to do this, you can ultimately save some money and maintain a nicer looking paint job. If you leave these blemishes alone for too long, the paint chip can grow, start to rust, and become a bigger problem to deal with. Contact a shop, like Dugan Oil and Tire, for more help.