4 Tips To Deal With Loss Of Compression And Power With Your Power Stroke Engine

The Power Stroke diesel engines are the powerhouse of many Ford vehicles and heavy machinery. Even though they will last for hundreds of thousands or even millions of miles, they are susceptible to problems like loss of compression that effects all diesel engines. When your diesel engine begins to cause your problems and lose power, there are some improvements that may need to be done. Here are some tips to help deal with a loss of compression and power from your Ford Power Stroke engine:

1. Dealing with Blown Head Gaskets and Leaking Everywhere and Everything

Unlike gasoline engines, the 6.0 Power Stroke diesel requires higher pressure for the combustion of fuel. This can also lead to the head gasket of your diesel engine to fail (blowout) and cause problems when the engine is under a lot of stress, such as when hauling heavy loads frequently. Catching a blown head gasket problem in time, and replacing all the gaskets and seals could help you avoid more serious engine damage that can be costlier to repair.

2. Overheating and Warped Diesel Heads That Need Replacing to Prevent Engine Damage

With many modern engines, warped heads are a problem that can lead to oil and water mixing, reduced performance, or even worse; overheating. If your engine has just started to show signs of problems, such as white smoke due to water getting in the engine, you may be able to replace the heads to repair the problem before overheating, water and oil leaks cause serious damage to the engine.

3. Rebuild Kits to Renovate Your Power Stroke Diesel and Get Power and Performance Back

If you do a lot of your own mechanical work and repairs, then using a rebuild kit for your Power Stroke is a great option. Doing the rebuilding of your engine yourself will ensure that there are no errors and help you save money on the cost of repairs. When rebuilding the engine, you will want to have it reworked at a machine shop before putting everything back together.

4. Get Like-New Performance with A Certified Remanufactured 6.0 Power Diesel Engine

If you want to have an engine that will give you many more years of life and like-new performance, then you will want to consider a remanufactured Power Stroke diesel. These are engines that have been completely disassembled and reworked in a factory environment, which ensures you get a quality replacement engine that almost just as good as the original engine.

These are some tips to deal with a loss of compression and power from your diesel engine. If you need to replace the engine, save on these major repairs by contacting an engine service to get a remanufactured 6.0 Power Stroke engine for your repairs.